For many, summer = travel. Much of that travel is in your vehicle. There's nothing quite like the feel of the open road to get your vacation off to a great start. Unfortunately, there's also nothing like a broken down vehicle to start a trip off on a sour note. How can you be sure your car is ready to hit the streets this summer and get you where you need to go? Sharp Honda is ready to help!

Check Your Tires
We've all been there. We're cruising along without a care in the world when we are hit with a flat tire! Don't let this happen to you this summer. Something as simple as having your tire underinflated or overinflated can cause issues on the road. You'll also want to check your sidewalls and tread for signs of damage. At Sharp Honda, we can rotate your tires and check your alignment as well. If you need new tires for your trip, we're ready to help with that too! Learn more about when you need new tires here.

Change Your Oil
Changing your oil before a trip can help keep your gas mileage low, ensure your car is running at maximum efficiency, and reduce wear and tear on your engine. Unfortunately, oil changes are one of the most overlooked details of car maintenance. Bring your car into our dealership in Topeka. We'll change your oil and advise you on how often you should get your oil changed from now on.

Change Your Air Filter
Winter can clog up your air filter, and that can lower your gas mileage. Who wants that on a road trip? Certain air conditions, including salt on the road in the winter, can increase your need for a new filter. The technicians at Sharp Honda can change your air filter before you travel this summer and let you know when you should come back in again.

Check Your Brakes
Running smoothly is important. So is braking smoothly! Make sure your car will stop when you want it to when you head out for fun this summer. We'll check your brakes, even if you've had no issues or squeaking, to make sure you'll be safe on your road trip this summer.

Clean Your Battery
Hot weather can be tough on your battery so it's important to have it in the best working order possible. The best way to do that is to keep your battery clean. Our service staff at Sharp Honda can check the cleanlieness of your battery and make sure it's still working well. If it needs to be replaced, we can help there too.

Schedule your service with the friendly technicians at Sharp Honda today. We want to make sure your car is a valuable companion on your vacation this summer!


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