The alternator is basically a power unit that supplies energy to important automotive components. It's found underneath the hood, and during strategic times, it acts as a generator.

When you use electronics in your car, power isn't supplied from the battery. An automotive battery only serves one purpose, which is to energize the starter motor. This is why a vehicle never cranks when its battery is completely drained. After you crank your car, all energy for various systems is distributed from the alternator. The alternator plays two vial roles while an engine is running. It provides consistent power to the electrical system, and it channels energy to charge an automobile's battery.

If your alternator fails, you won't be able to use the radio, air conditioner, and other devices in the cabin. To detect a possible alternator problem, simply observe the warning light on the instrument panel by your steering wheel. This light will illuminate when the alternator needs maintenance or repair. You can service your automobile's alternator at Sharp Honda.



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