Cars that have front-wheel drive and vehicles with rear-wheel drive can develop common steering problems. Some issues can make cornering tougher, and others may decrease timing when steering procedures are implemented around a curve.

A vehicle must have a great grip so that its steering system can operate efficiently. If the tires on the front or back of an automobile lack traction, understeering or oversteering will occur. On straight roads that lead into a curve, understeering will make the process of maneuvering around the turn a challenge. The big problem will involve control because a vehicle that understeers will continue to drive straight long after the steering wheel is rotated.

Understeering delays the steering process, so a driver will have to make several steering rotations to corner, and this delay occurs because the tires lack grip. Oversteering can make a vehicle spin out since it causes sharper turns. As a result, you should never operate a vehicle that oversteers over snow or puddles.

Great maintenance services for steering systems are available at Sharp Honda. We can resolve problems that cause oversteering or understeering.



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