Autumn is one of the best seasons because it brings with it the beauty of the leaves as they turn various shades of brilliant colors. Each year, people from all over the country travel to where they can take in the best views of the countryside. Here are some tips from Sharp Honda on how to make the most of your next long trip.

In order to have the optimal travel experience, you need to know the right places to go. The New England states are known for their spectacular autumn leaf colors and breathtaking views of the eastern coast. The area around the Great Lakes also has great views, as does the southeast region.

You want to go on your holiday road trip when less people will be on the roads. For some drivers, this means traveling early in the day or late in the evening. Other drivers prefer to take a leisurely drive on back-roads. Whatever you choose, we invite you to schedule auto maintenance at our Topeka, KS dealership before you hit the roads this fall.


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