Get Rid of Rodents in Frigid Weather

In many parts of the country this time of year, it's cold outside. In the winter, mice and rats are looking for shelter from the frigid weather, and underneath the hood of your car is prime real estate for them. You might feel a little bad for them until you realize what they can do to your car, including causing fires and short-circuited wires. Take a look at a few ways that you can get rid of your car's furry little enemies.

Keep all food, including pet food and bird seed, away from the garage. Rodents will be lured into your garage with the food, and they'll then find the perfect hiding space to stay warm and even build nests with babies near your engine. You can also put some humane animal traps out around your vehicle to relocate any small pests. Just make sure that pets and children stay far away from the area when you have the traps out.



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