Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Back-to-School

Whether your kids are school-aged or college-aged, getting the car they'll depend on to get to and from class ready for the rigors of the school year has plenty of benefits beyond the immediate commute. Maintaining your vehicle will contribute to a higher resale value down the line, and keeping it up to date will keep you from being stranded.

As the school year coincides with the beginning of autumn, you can ready your car for the winter ahead as well by trading your summer tires in for a winter set. Changing your oil is an opportunity to use a winter-weight viscosity. Make sure essential fluids like antifreeze and windshield wiper fluid are filled so they're able to do the work they're designed for when you need them.

Check your battery and get a replacement if your current one is getting older, as it may lack the ability to hold a charge in colder weather. Get your car ready for the school year with help from our mechanics at Sharp Honda.



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