Use Our Tips for Easily Sharing the Road

When you safely share the road with bicyclists, you could save lives. All of us at Sharp Honda wish to thoughtfully offer these tips that make sharing our city's roads easier.

While driving on local roads, always assume that bicycles are present. When you see a cyclist on the road, do not get annoyed. They are allowed to ride on most roads. Avoid cruising side-by-side with cyclists. They should be able to use a lane's full width. Only pass when you can leave them a three-foot safety zone without causing problems for vehicles in other lanes.

If you ride a bicycle on roads, traffic laws apply to you as they would a car's driver. You must stop when the laws says, and you must obey speed limits. If you flout traffic laws on a bicycle, you could earn a traffic ticket. Please only ride while wearing your helmet, and please use lights and reflective gear when you ride at night.



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