What Exactly is ASE Certification & How Important is it?

Whether you’re new to the area or just new to needing automotive repair, you’re going to want to find a shop that offers ASE-certified automotive technicians. When you come to Sharp Honda, that’s exactly what you’re getting. ASE, which stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, certification is a guarantee that technicians are experts in their field.

ASE certification means that an auto technician has either earned a two-year automotive degree, worked in automotive technology for at least a year or both AND has passed from one to either ASE certification exams. Being ASE-certified is important for the auto owner, the automotive technician and the automotive shop because it protects everyone and guarantees that only high-quality work is being performed.

When you want your vehicle to be serviced by the best, visit our Topeka shop and let our ASE-certified technicians take care of your vehicle.



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