Comparison between salt and kitty litter in your vehicle during winter

Note that during the winter is when car owners and drivers face most problems during decision making. Quite a number of these decisions culminate to what to include when it comes to stocking the equipment kit needed during the winter travels. The season is characterized by extreme cold conditions that occur with a freezing effect. This can bring multiple challenges when not carefully tackled.

The advice is that rock salt is essential when handling ice since it has a melting effect on the ice. It also has the characteristic nature of coarseness that provides traction when placed accurately under the tires. On the other hand, carry a pack of kitty litter in your car for emergencies may be the best option, as it lacks the corrosiveness that comes when salt is used. However, kitty litter should only be used directly under the tires for traction in emergencies, as it becomes slippery when wet.

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