TPMS: What it Does and What it Means

Fortunately, most vehicles now come standard with a Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) that works to alert drivers of low tire pressure. The TPMS works through the use of sensors either in the tires or by the monitoring of wheel speed. An illuminated TPMS does not necessarily mean that the pressure is not sufficient. The light can also come on during extreme temperature fluctuations, tire punctures, or aging vehicle malfunctions. Underinflated tires can cause accidents or lead to reduced gas mileage.

For any questions about your vehicle's TPMS, we invite you to stop by our Honda service center in Topeka, Kansas so that our trained technicians can examine your car and its tires and answer any questions you might have. Our primary goal is to ensure that you drive off of our lot percent satisfied with your service and the safety of your vehicle. We look forward to serving your family today!

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