Common Causes for an Illuminated Tire Pressure Icon

The tire pressure lights in your car alert you when potential issues are discovered with the car tires. Here is why those lights may have turned on, and what you can do about them.

One of the false positives you may receive with the tire pressure indicators is that the weather can impact air pressure. On days of extreme heat or cold, the pressure could rise or drop a few pounds. Usually when the temperatures rise later in the day, the lights will turn off automatically.

If you look closely at the tires and see an obstruction, do not remove it. Air is slowly leaking and could result in a flat if you remove the embedded object. Bring the car to the service center so a technician can safely remove the obstruction and properly plug the hole if it does not compromise the tire.

If the pressure lights stay lit, come to Sharp Honda in Topeka, KS so we can determine what the trouble is. It may be time to replace your tires with a new set.

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