How to Quickly Jump Start Another Car

The unexpected happens, and we're here to help you travel around the Topeka, KS region with as little frustration as possible. In the event that you come across another motorist with a dead battery - or perhaps it's your battery that needs some juice - here is a simple guide to easily jump start a car with a dead battery, prepared for you by the Honda service team at Sharp Honda.

  1. Bring the two vehicles together nose to nose, battery to battery.
  2. The jumper cables should be two colors, black and red. The red cable goes to the positive on the car with the good battery, then the positive to the dead battery.
  3. The cable's black end goes to the negative on the good battery, then to a metal surface on the car with the dead battery.
  4. Start the car, give it gas, keep it running for approximately three minutes.
  5. Attempt to start the other car. It might not start after the first try, so wait another minute and try again. The battery should start after three attempts.
  6. Simply remove the battery cables in the opposite order they were used.

If you have battery troubles with your car, stop by our service bays in Topeka so we can replace the battery today.

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