Clay Bar Ensures Professional Detailing Results

Think again if you think that by simply washing your car on a regular basis, you can remove all of the microscopic contaminants it picks up when on the road. Our service team at Sharp Honda in Topeka suggests detailing your car twice a year and including a clay bar in your arsenal of tools.

When applied to the wet surface of your vehicle, a clay bar applied with the proper clay lubricant can help to eliminate such tiny pieces of contaminants as bug residue, tar that flies up from the roadway, brake dust and industrial pollution. If left on your vehicle, these tiny specks eventually turn to rust, leaving a once beautiful exterior finish pock-marked.

A clay bar is an excellent investment in keeping your car looking beautiful and retaining its market value. Using a clay bar during the detailing process ensures a smooth finish for better wax/sealant adherence.



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