Testing Your Car Battery with a Voltmeter

In order to safely test a car battery with the voltmeter, be sure you are wearing appropriate safety eye-wear and some heavy-duty work gloves. The car engine needs to be off and the car lights too. Open the hood and make your way to the battery compartment.

Looking at the voltmeter, it has two cables, black for negative and red for positive. The red cable goes on the car battery terminal that is marked with the plus sign. The negative battery terminal goes on the battery marked with the minus sign. The battery is still good and will be able to hold its charge when the meter comes back with a reading in the 12.4 range and higher. Be concerned when you get a reading of 12.2 or lower.

If the car battery is exhibiting signs of failure, visit Sharp Honda and we will give the charging system a full inspection at our Honda service shop in Topeka.

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