Pre-Road Trip Vehicle Maintenance

During this time of year, there are many people that may be traveling to visit friends and family, and it is important to make sure your vehicle has been checked out before heading out. Here are some pre-road trip tips:

• Check Your Fluids- check and make sure your fluids are not low. Being low on oil, antifreeze, brake or power steering fluid can cause unnecessary breakdowns and delays in your trip.

• Check Your Tires- make sure your tires and not showing uneven wear, and also make sure you have the right tires for your trip. You do not want to have summer tires on your vehicle if you are traveling to where there may be snow.

• Check Your Headlights- make sure your headlights are working properly and are clean; this simple step can increase your visibility and ensure that other vehicles see you as well.

Here at Sharp Honda, we want to help ensure that everyone has safe travels this season and if you have any concerns before heading out, bring your vehicle in and have it inspected.


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