Your Vehicle's Fluids Are Vital To Operation

If you don’t regularly replace your vehicle’s handful of fluids, you could shorten the life of your vehicle, by causing damage to the vehicle’s parts because of the lack of maintenance.

What fluids are vital to your vehicle’s welfare when you are getting it serviced? Here’s a short guide to a select few of the important fluids that your vehicle may have:

You may want to check the motor oil in your vehicle often, or every day if you believe that your vehicle has an active leak. Replace it whenever the recommended mileage is for your vehicle. If you do think there is a leak, be sure to bring your car to our service center.

The middle between your vehicle’s brake pedal and its calipers are its brake lines - particularly, the brake fluid that resides in those lines. When you are getting your brakes checked, it is imperative that this is at the right levels. You should get it replaced when necessary to ensure that your vehicle has the ideal amount of braking capabilities.

If you would like help monitoring and replacing your car’s fluids, reach out to our team at Sharp Honda for assistance.


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