Traction And Kitty Litter

Without traction, we'd fall when we stepped anywhere, basketball players couldn't stop on proverbial dimes, and, overall, life would be loads more difficult. If not, such would at least take a great bit of getting used to.

Winter months, unfortunately, bring inclement weather. While some parts of the nation get out of school, work, and other obligations with only a few inches' worth of snow. Sometimes even a warning of snow can cause schools and entities to shut down their doors for that day, or several days consecutively.

Sand and kitty litter, too, both together, or used independently, out of deep ruts. Best of all, without calling a tow truck, flagging down a passerby, or whatever else you might run yourself from now getting your vehicle to safety.

Salt dissolves ice, although it's not intended to add traction to tires in ruts or recessions. Swing by our service center here at Sharp Honda where we offer assistance in your quest for traction.


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