Why You Should Keep These 3 Winter Must-Have Items in Your Car

Every year, winter is inevitably going to roll in to the Topeka, Kansas region. For many commuters, that means freezing temperatures and longer nights as well as two of the worst companions for any winter time driver. That’s right – we’re talking about ice and snow.

No matter how cautious or skilled of a driver you may think you are, the slippery winter road conditions can leave even the most prepared in a snowy ditch. Save yourself the expense of using a tow truck service when you choose to stow a bag of sand, salt and kitty litter in the trunk of your vehicle or your truck's bed. Yes, even trucks get stuck.

For a car, the added weight of these items is additionally beneficial as it gives the rear end of your vehicle much more weight and more traction. Salt melts ice and melts it fast, but it will leave behind water that dissolves the salt. This is where the sand comes in handy. Apply a healthy layer of sand where the ice was melted to result in a very gritty surface, sufficient for tires to gain the traction they need.

Make sure your vehicle is ready to handle the cold temperatures of the frigid season. Bring your model in to our Topeka service center today for winter maintenance.


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