Inspect Your Car Treads with Us

For car tires to maintain proper traction on the road, the tire treads have to be in good condition as they play a vital role. The treads provide enough resistance to make the car move forward instead of slipping over.

As the treads wear off with time and usage, the effectiveness to provide adequate traction reduces substantially. The groves that you see on your tire are the tread pattern. Treads are precast into the rubber that is attached to the tire casing and can be retreated when it wore off. Depending with different purpose ranging from off-road driving, racing, and ordinary high way driving. Tire treads need to be checked and replaced if worn out.

There are different methods for inspecting the tire treads, the common ones being the penny test, Depth gauge and Quarter test.

For assistance in inspecting your tire treads, un-mounting and mounting of tires among other services, contact us here at Sharp Honda.


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