Driving Defensively When Faced with a Tailgater

Defensive driving is crucial in keeping you safe while driving, but it is also useful in helping you avoid tailgaters. Here are some things you can do if you're ever faced with a tailgater.

  • Always be aware of your surrounds. Watch the road ahead and constantly check your mirrors for possible dangers. Focus on the road by decreasing the amount of distractions in your car, this will keep you safe as well as your passengers and other drivers.
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We Offer a Variety of Used Cars at Sharp Honda

When it comes time for you to get into a different car and put your old one to rest, you have to find one that will mean something to you. You would like to look through an abundance of options before choosing the one that you will buy. You will find that we offer many used car options here at Sharp Honda!

We're eager to provide you and interested customers throughout Topeka with cars, trucks, and SUVs so that you can locate the vehicle that best suits your needs. We have a lot full of vehicles for you to…

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Why It's Important to Change Your Oil on Time

Many of us have looked up at the sticker on our windshield to discover we are past due for an oil change. You can go outside of the guidelines by a few miles - even 100 miles isn't unheard of - but we recommend against it for a few key reasons:

1. Waiting too long can cause your engine unnecessary stress.

Oil lubricates engines, and depriving engines of oil will make them function poorly - or result in a breakdown.

2. You will get worse gas mileage.

Proper oil levels help your vehicle maintain better fuel efficiency rates, plain and simple. Why…

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